About Trish -

Trish began her professional career in real estate back in 1989 in Baltimore, MD after working in the mortgage industry for 3 years.  She loved the business but soon realized that no matter how much knowledge you had, it was a difficult field to break into at 21 years old.  Trained early on by one of the best mentors in the business, Gilbert Marsiglia, a well respected leader and past Greater Baltimore Board of Realtors President in the northern Baltimore metro. Trish was armed with some of the best information available including appraising a property using Marshall Swift, which is an industry recognized cost analysis.  Trish sold until 1995, realizing that she had an uphill battle going for her to win the business over someone who just looked the part (meaning older but more often than not, less knowledge or worse yet, part time).

Making a career change into the advertising & marketing field at that time was a good decision and a career that ending up spanning over 20 years in the corporate world working for worldwide companies such as Clear Channel, CBS Radio, Hearst Broadcasting and Gannett.  Trish learned the ins and outs of the advertising world and how to formulate custom tailored marketing plans that achieved phenomenal results and netted her customers a great return on investment (ROI).  Trish represented not only small businesses, but Fortune 500 companies and more all while building a tremendous network of professionals still leading in their respective fields to this day.

Long story short, Trish moved to Southwest Florida, Cape Coral to be exact, in the beginning of 2015.  Upon arriving, she experienced first hand how poor the service can be in the SWFL real estate market.  There may be a lot of agents and REALTORS in a very competitive market, but only a small percentage that are dedicated to serving their customers needs before their own.  Many get into the business from the perspective of what they see on reality TV and think that it is a quick, get rich business.  That can't be farther from the truth.  Dedicated REALTORS, put in long hours serving the needs of their buyers and sellers, working nights and weekend. They hone their craft and are in an ever constant learning mode, staying up to date on laws and regulations, market trends/data, attend continuing education and more. 

So, after relocating to SWFL for a key advertising position, she returned to her early passion for real estate, knowing that she could serve people wanting to buy or sell, much better than 80% of the agents in the market.  Additionally, all those years in marketing and advertising would provide those she worked with not only a good work ethic, but also the knowledge to gain great insight into research and statistics to help buyers and sellers make good informed decisions, customize marketing plans for sellers, and negotiate the best deals for those working with her.  

In her free time, you can find Trish out and about in the Cape listening to live music, attending local festivals, spending time with family and friends or home relaxing with her two cats and soon to be new dog.

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